My new paddle

Begali Magnetic Professional

November 1, 2005

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Begali_paddles.jpg (110164 bytes)

Begali paddles

Begali_paddles_2.jpg (109238 bytes)


Begali_tenson_adj.jpg (95477 bytes)

Begali spacing adjustment

Begali_side.jpg (64466 bytes)

Begali side view

Begali_top.jpg (116814 bytes)

Begali top view

Begali_bottom.jpg (96322 bytes)

Begali bottom view

Begali_with_CK2_keyer.jpg (131200 bytes)

Begali with CK-2 keyer

Begali_with_CK2_and_Rig_IF.jpg (109999 bytes)

Begali with keyer and rig interface