V31AD (2004)

DXpedition to Belize

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The V31AD expedition was put together by two ham friends, James, AG5TX, and Don, N5DD, and our XYLs Renee, KD5YGC, and Amy, KC5DJI.  The expedition took place in the rental shack of V31MD, in Placencia, in southern Belize.

V31AD was operational from March 13 – 20, 2004. During this time we made 3,900 QSOs, with 3,000 unique stations.  QSOs were made on the 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter bands, using SSB, CW and RTTY.

Belize is just below Mexico on the Caribbean coast.  It offers a mix of tropical forests rich with wildlife, majestic mountains, mysterious Mayan temples, and water sports.  Belize’s major industries are Sugar, bananas, fish products, garment production, food processing, timber, tourism, and construction.

Placencia is at the southern tip of a long, narrow, sandy peninsula in Southern Belize. It’s a laid-back beach town.  All commerce and activity used to be carried out by boat, thus the village's 'main street' is just a narrow concrete footpath less than 1m (3ft) wide. The main attractions are the beaches and water sports, there's also fishing, bird and manatee watching, and excursions to jungle rivers and wildlife sanctuaries.

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Belize Flag




Kenwood TS-850s

Ameritron ALS-600

Yaesu FT-100d

Dentron Clipperton L

Cushcraft A3

Butternut HF9B (located in the saltwater lagoon)

Writelog (with MMTTY plugin)


V31ADshackOutside.jpg (213776 bytes)The V31AD shack V31ADshackDoor.jpg (198156 bytes) Through the front door V31ADcushcraftA3.jpg (190337 bytes) Cushcraft A3
V31AD_N5DDinShack4.jpg (109219 bytes)Don, N5DD, in the shack V31AD_AG5TXinShack.JPG (70709 bytes)James, AG5TX, in the shack V31ADcushcraftA3_2.jpg (222107 bytes)Cushcraft A3
V31AD_N5DDinShack5.jpg (97265 bytes) V31AD_N5DDinShack1.jpg (199062 bytes)  V31AD_AG5TX80211b.jpg (114540 bytes)AG5TX using an 802.11b card to upload pics and logs to the website
V31AD_N5DDinShack3.jpg (152150 bytes) V31AD_N5DDinShack2.jpg (165936 bytes) V31ADbutternutVertical2.jpg (246548 bytes)Butternut HF9B coils
V31ADbutternutVertical1.jpg (201687 bytes)Butternut HF9B in the saltwater lagoon V31ADbirdofparadise.JPG (78600 bytes)Bird of Paradise V31ADcoconutTree2.jpg (235455 bytes)Coconuts
V31ADkittysSign.jpg (217052 bytes)Kitty's Place.  Across the street from the shack, great restaurant and beach. V31ADCoconutTree.jpg (201701 bytes)Beach at Kitty's place V31ADpool.jpg (213250 bytes)Pool at Kitty's place
V31AD_AG5TX_N5DD.JPG (197787 bytes)Ops taking a break in town. V31ADislandHouse.jpg (78618 bytes)Island getaway V31AD_N5DDbeach1.jpg (144371 bytes)Relaxing on the beach
V31ADgiveWaySign.jpg (214366 bytes)Sign by the airstrip V31ADcloseCall.jpg (77156 bytes)Close call! v31ad2.jpg (117305 bytes)V31AD QSL card
V31ADflower1.jpg (122657 bytes) V31ADflower2.jpg (144563 bytes) V31ADflower3.jpg (204983 bytes)
V31AD_AG5TXsearchingForNewEntites.jpg (220127 bytes)Snorkeling.  AG5TX must be searching for rare DX! UnderWaterShot.jpg (226761 bytes) BelizeCentAm.jpg (122298 bytes)
V31ADteamOnBeach.jpg (225141 bytes)L-R AG5TX, KD5YGC, KC5DJI, N5DD. V31ADteamWflag.jpg (245391 bytes)L-R N5DD, KC5DJI, KD5YGC, AG5TX. belizemap.jpg (97075 bytes)